KHPF Documentary

Documentary preserves ‘Voices’ of bygone Boomtown era in Kilgore

World’s Richest Acre

What was once a focal point of the oil industry has once again become a focal point of downtown.

The Dean Keener Crim Home

Learn about Kilgore’s oldest home built in 1876

Kilgore Historical Preservation Foundation

The Kilgore Historical Preservation Foundation was founded in 1987 to preserve and restore the unique oil derrick skyline of boomtown Kilgore. Initially concerned about vanishing derricks, the foundation has evolved into protecting the unique heritage of Kilgore as well. We are a volunteer organization that preserves and promotes the history of Kilgore.

It’s a great time to be a member of KHPF! We invite you to join us as we begin another exciting year of promoting Kilgore, “To honor Kilgore’s unique history as a railroad and oil boom town by restoring and maintaining its iconic ‘boomtown’ skyline, preserving its historic buildings and landmarks, and documenting its history in print and assessable archive collections”.

Let’s continue working together to make our “City of Stars” shine even brighter!


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