Boomtown Bulletin

Annual Meeting January 22, 2015

Kilgore Historical Preservation Foundation

Working to Preserve, Protect, and Promote Kilgore’s Unique Heritage

The mission of Kilgore Historical Preservation Foundation is to honor Kilgore’s unique history as a railroad and oil boom town by restoring and maintaining its iconic “boomtown” skyline, preserving its historic and important buildings and landmarks, and documenting its history in print and accessible archive collections.

Board of Directors

Sue Brown – President, Tom Conner – Assistant to President,

Joan Still Smith – Vice President, Sylvia Short Nelson – Secretary,

Kim Triece – Treasurer, Marian Richardson – Past President

Tom Brown, Nancy Nell Cato Bullock, Jerry Camp, Martha Clark, Alma Nell Farmer,

Darryl Gillcoat, Nina Miller Mata, Lorenz Maycher, Linda Green Ridder

Meetings are held monthly on the third Monday of the month at 5:00 p.m. at the

Old Post Office History and Art Center

Committee Reports 2014

Executive Committee

Committee is made up of officers who meet as needed during the first week of the month to transact business between board meetings. During 2014, the committee distributed notebooks with history, mission statements, other documents related to both project and general committee work to board members and committee chairs. During 2015, the committee will continue to update notebook information to prepare for goal setting sessions to be scheduled. The group will continue to strengthen the work of KHPF by seeking more volunteers to assist with projects.

Finance Committee

Chair – Kim Triece, Treasurer, Sue Brown, Jerry Camp, Amanda Nobles

With retirement of our accountant, the committee directed KHPF treasurer to assume duties related to day to day transactions and chose Regan McCoy, CPA, to complete all duties related to record filings that will include IRS forms filed in March (financial year is November 1 to October 31). In 2014 the Comptroller’s office allowed KHPF to change to sales tax reports filed annually. Reports continue to be sent quarterly to the City of Kilgore who grants Hotel Occupancy Tax funds to KHPF annually. Donations are greatly appreciated and during the past year East Texas Oilman’s Chili Cook-off gave KHPF $1000 as did an individual for landscaping of the DKC grounds. During previous year donations were received for improvements on the Railroad Right of Way. Budget for 2015 was approved by the board in October. Other income includes mineral interest, account interest, and membership dues.

Nominating and Awards Committees

Chair – Marian Richardson, Past President

The Awards Committee accepts nominations, evaluates, and follows a selection process for Derrick Awards. The names of recipient(s) are engraved on a paver on the Acre. Awards are presented in January at the Annual Meeting. The nominating committee recommends the officer and board member slate for approval. Officers 2015 are listed above. Board Members Sylvia Nelson and Tom Brown were elected for a second three year term; Marian Richardson was elected to a three year term. Amanda Nobles was elected to finish a two year term and be eligible for two three year terms.

Book Archives

Sue Brown, Ruth Ann Camp, Janie Dickerson, Caleb Pirtle, Terry Stembridge

During 2014 photographs and some of other collections were sent to HeritageWerks of Atlanta, Georgia where they were packed for proper document storage, catalogued, and digitized. All has been returned and shelved. Committee continues to sell four books that the foundation has published and copies of photographs from the archives with money directed to future publications and renovations of the old post office building. In 2015 plans are to publish history directed to children and young adults.

Dean Keener Crim House

Chair – Lorenz Maycher, Brenda Beal, Tom Conner, Craig Jaynes, Sylvia Nelson, Marian Richardson, Joan Still Smith

During 2014 a new and vibrant DKC House committee was formed. The committee met at the house to assess the situation and put a plan in place, then met monthly. All members had excellent and positive ideas/suggestions, and, thanks to the tireless effort and enthusiastic support from Craig Jaynes and many other behind-the-scenes workers, the house now has immediate “curb appeal,” with restored and refurbished siding and fence rails, a new roof, and decorative swags hanging on the front porch. Bill Terrell did a thorough pest exterminator session in late summer. Wendy Crim donated a generous gift in support of lawn maintenance and landscaping for the house. A brick mason did an assessment of the two chimneys, and reported no immediate danger. He has submitted a very reasonable quote to rebuild the fireplace and chimney in the living room. Our primary goal in 2015 is to clean and make repairs to the interior of the house, and to do some minor landscaping and “fixing up” around the property, such as repairing and reinstituting the outdoor spotlights at the front of the house. We are all very grateful to all of you for your many hours of work and dedication.

Derricks and Christmas Tree Park

Chair – Darryl Gillcoat, John Bolton, Carrol Bolton, Jerry Camp, Martha Clark, Tom Conner, Marian Richardson

Accomplishments of committee in 2014: The Railroad Right of Way sub-committee worked with donors to have the old foundation concrete removed and to have dirt brought in to fill in low areas and improve the grading along the railroad right of way. Working with the WRA committee awnings were installed above picnic tables at the park. New red and green garland was installed on the Christmas signs prior to the signs being raised on Saturday, November 8. Signs will be removed after the KHPF Annual Meeting in January, 2015 and stored in the First Baptist Church storage building. First Baptist Church approved space in their storage building for the KHPF Christmas signs and dolly to be stored which was made available in April, 2014. All derricks were inspected during 2014, and plans are underway to make needed electrical repairs and painting touch-ups. The 2014-2015 Derrick Committee Operating Budget in the amount of $37,800.00 was submitted to the HOT Money committee and $33,000 was approved. Charles Miller made several repairs to the electrical system for the derrick lights on the WRA and along the RRW prior to Christmas in the Patch. New LED bulbs were purchased and bulbs that were burned out were replaced. Derrick stars were turned on for special events including Rangerette Revels, Community Concerts, and the 1959 and 1954 class reunions. Goals for 2015: Install ground rod on remaining derricks; Replace damaged name plaques on the Williams and Hollingsworth derricks; Determine storage options for the mini derricks; Completion of the Karl F. Edmonds, Jr. Derrick; Plans are to inspect an old drilling unit and if accepted, it will be considered for placement at Christmas Tree Park.

Derrick Park

Chair – Jessica Woodall, Chris Carpenter, James Draper, Ryan Gest, Chris Gratton, Dawn Griffin, Melida Helen, Jessica Holmes, Kim Triece

Accomplishments of committee for 2014: The committee was able to create a design concept for Derrick Park and present it to the KHPF board for approval. We hired Randy Wagstaff, based on Kim Triece’s prior negotiation with him to do the demolition work for the park at a discounted rate. Randy has started the demolition on the existing cement lot on the property. Due to the rain, the project is on hold until the ground is firm enough for Randy to drive his tractor on the property without busting water lines. The KHPF board approved the Derrick Park committee’s purchase of rye grass to be planted on the lot until construction can continue. We have not purchased the grass due to the delay in completion of the demolition work. Goals for 2015: The committee is waiting for the KHPF board to approve the concept in order to proceed with our plans to raise money and begin construction.

Fund-Raising Committee

Chair – Linda Ridder, Sylvia Nelson, Nina Mata, Joan Still Smith

The Fundraising committee is assigned the responsibility of being available to offer ideas and advice to any committee seeking funding. In addition it is expected that the committee will seek at least one event per year to add monies to either the general fund or KHPF projects. Meadowbrook Christmas tour of homes, which falls under the umbrella of Fundraising was a tremendous success and we look forward to working with that committee again next year with a goal of rolling out some new tour ideas. This year we were amazed and pleased with the number of individuals who toured the Old Post
Office and were very excited about future plans for the facility. Working with the committee taking on the renovation of the Old Post Office, our Fundraising Committee’s one major fundraising event was pursuing donations for the “naming rights” of Post Office boxes and other sponsorship donations sold to those wishing to help us with the renovation. That project is ongoing and raised in excess of $16,500 in 2014. Among our goals for 2015 are the continuation and expansion of the sponsorship and P.O. Box donations. In addition we are working on plans for additional fundraising and image building projects during Preservation Month in May 2015. Thanks to our committee for your hard work and kudos to the tour of homes volunteers for such a job well done!

Meadowbrook Historic District

Chair – Andy Elliott, Jan Elliott, Sylvia Nelson, Gem Meacham

Holiday Happenings in Historic Homes was held and well attended on Saturday, December 13, 2014 and featured homes in Meadowbrook: Anding – Zwick, McMurrey – Hanes and Stephens-Jewel. The tour also featured the Brown Loft and the Old Post Office History and Art Center in downtown Kilgore. The stars once again were placed in the Meadowbrook parkway and red bows adorned all home signs. As new owners acquire homes the signs are updated with the new owner’s name. In December 2015 the committee plans to once again host a home tour featuring four historic homes.

Membership Committee

Chair – Nancy Nell Bullock, Roberta Boggs, Renee Conner, Alma Nell Farmer, Karlene Gunn, Mary Layne Douglas, Sandra Holley, Sylvia Nelson, Gail Shafer, Joan Smith

May is membership month. 1,038 membership applications were mailed. From May-December 166 member applications were received (new and/or renewals) with total collected $10,773.00. May is National Preservation Month and the committee sponsored “Handwork by Two Sisters” at the Old Post Office History and Art Center as a free event that was well attended. In June the committee met and prepared thank you postcards to all that joined/renewed. In December the committee set a date for the Annual Membership Meeting, mailed invitations and made all preparations for meeting. Goals for 2015: Add names to application list, Update existing mailing list by deleting deceased members, correcting addresses, Include life members on list for a more accurate member count, Investigate possibility of a newsletter detailing explanations of KHPF’s on-going and future projects, Seek suggestions for the May 2015 Preservation Month activities.

Old Post Office History and Art Center

Chair – Tom Brown, Design and Renovation Chair – Nina Mata, Maintenance and Repair Chair –Darryl Gillcoat

During 2014 Total Engineering completed construction drawings for the building using Museum Arts design. They began the plans for first phase of construction for the building which is to create usable space in the front lobby by adding heat and air conditioning. They made contact with contractors and suppliers to establish an initial and future design and obtain bids for first proposed phase of work. Cleaning of the building continued. Fund raising included mailings for sponsorships and naming of boxes. Membership committee held their preservation month exhibit in building. Several reunion groups visited the building and enjoyed a walk through with a former postal employee and postal inspector who explained special sections of the building. Building was decorated for Christmas and visited during the December home tour. Goals include moving forward with phase one, continuing fund raising endeavors, planning more events to use the building.

World’s Richest Acre Park

Chair – Nina Mata

The park was used on several occasions for concerts and other activities. Committee sold and added 200 bricks in 2014. With help from derrick committee the new awnings over tables were hung. Many thanks go to Austin Head who, with his lawn service, assisted with landscaping and mowing to ready the park for events. Goals will include continuing to sell bricks and pavers and keep the park ready for use by the community. Memorial pavers will be engraved with names of deceased board members Frank Brown, Jimmie Climer, Helen Griffin and committee member Dr. Opal Stewart.

Community Involvement Committee

Chair – Nancy Nell Bullock, Membership Chair

Will begin meetings in 2015 and those on committee will include James Draper – website, Renee Conner – social media/face book, and other volunteers to form committees to assume tasks related to other publicity, choosing merchandise to sell, re-designing plans for education of local history in schools, planning special events, that is Concerts at the Acre, Preservation Month activities, Christmas in the Patch events and New Year’s Eve Raising of the Star. Christmas in the Patch Lighting Ceremony has a separate committee but will coordinate with this committee. In 2014 the well-attended ceremony celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Kilgore Rangerettes with all performers former Rangerettes or Managers and the switch flipped by Doris Snow and Gay Culp from the first line. The committee was chaired by Nina Mata with Rangerettes Forever Roberta Boggs, Nancy Bullock, Coleen Clower, Linda Ridder, Joan Still Smith, Janie Terrell, and as MC, Manager Austin Head.

P. O. Box 885, Kilgore, Texas 75663 903/984-1333