Powell Derrick

The derrick, located east of the depot on Commerce Street along the railroad tracks, is dedicated to Robert F. “Bob” Powell (1906-1968) and Gene Powell by David Gene Powell, Jeannene Powell Stone and James Mark Powell.

Bob and Gene Powell moved to East Texas in the early 1930s. Bob Powell worked for Victory Swabbing Company and McAllister Fuel Company while Gene worked at Oil Well Supply Company. In the early 1960s, they formed E-Tex Well Service Company and later Gene Powell Investments, Inc. They have operated in excess of 300 wells in the East Texas Field since their companies were formed, including several wells at the World’s Richest Acre. Gene Powell continues as president of Gene Powell Investments and operates wells in the East Texas Field.

The derrick was provided by the Craig family, Jack and Jean, Harriett and Becky.