1. “In Honor of Lynda Newsome”

2. “In memory of H.L. ‘Pete’ Long by Virginia Long”

3. “In honor of Jack & Bette Skipper by their children and grandchildren”

4. “In memory of Robert M. Bass and Byron G. Bronstad by Sarah Bronstad”

5. “In memory of Max & Adele Daiches”

6. “In honor of Mr. & Mrs. Ray Ford”

7. “Schleier & Brown, P.C.”

8. “Donated by Kelly Dickson Estate”

9. “Donated by Bob & Nelda Fox Foster and Bobby Foster”

10. “Proud of KISD by Glenn and Debbie Phillips”

11. “In memory of Dewayne White, For his dedicated service to the City of Kilgore, by friends and family”

12. “In memory of Roy Rosson, for dedicated service to K.H.P.F, Presented 1997”

13. “Donated by Bill & Judy Wilson”s

14. “Donated by Kilgore News-Herald”

15. “In honor of Mr. & Mrs. F.E. Brown, Jr., for the dedicated service to K.H.P.F., presented 1999”

16. .“In memory of A.P. Merritt Sr.”

17. “In Honor of Eddie Cleary by His Family for His Many Successes”

18. “Kilgore First National Bank”

19. “In memory of James Hall Griffin Jr. by his family”

20. “In memory of Maurice Adams by his family”

21. “Roy H. Laird Insurance”

22. “Donated by Wicki Real Estate Rentals by Joe and Vi Wicki”

23. “Mr. & Mrs. Winston Gardner”

24. “In memory of Hunter & Luddy Parks”

25. “Citizens Bank”

26. “Donated by Charles K. Devall”

27. “In Memory of Roger & Merle Goyne”

28. “In memory of Fred T. Maxwell”

29. “In memory of Jo Stewart Maxwell”

30. “For the Love of Kilgore, Lavada Thomas”

31. “In honor of Mr. & Mrs. Marvin A. Smith by Sanny Sue Holland, Denny Smith and Mickey Smith”

32. “In honor of Mike Joseph, For dedicated service to K.H.P.F., presented 2001”

33. “In memory of Jess R. Stevens by Sherry and Wayne Butler; Fern, Tommy and Brian Stevens”

34. .“Brent Durham”

35. “In Memory of Frank Dunaway by his family”

36. “In honor of Tom Conner by his family”